Expand Your Twitterverse

Top 10 Twitter feeds to expand your career.

Forbes Woman
Homepage for the world’s business leaders.
For entrepreneurially minded women who mean business.

Fast Company
Fast Company
Inspiring leaders to think beyond traditional boundaries and create the future of business

Washington Post on Leadership
Leadership in the news.

Entrepreneur Magazine’s handle. Inspiring, informing, and celebrating entrepreneurs since 1973.

Lindsey Pollack
Millennial workplace expert and LinkedIn ambassador.

Anita Bruzzese
USA Today columnist and author.

Cali Williams Yost
Flexible workplace strategist.

Jacquelyn Smith
Writes about jobs, careers, and the workplace for Forbes.

John Keyser (GU Alum!)
Leadership coach… and GU Alum & webinar presenter.

Talane Miedaner (GU Alum!)
Life coach & executive coach… and GU Alum & webinar presenter.

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What twitter feeds do you follow for your career?


Apps We Love… For Work

Evernote – We’re still exploring this newly discovered app.  It allows you to create to-do lists, capture ideas, store meeting notes, store photos and then sync them and find them anywhere – tablet, phone, or computer – via a powerful search tool that even searches words in photos.  You can store documents, design and manage projects and more.  The supplementary app “Skitch” allows you to mark up documents with annotations and symbols.  Seems a bit complicated to get started but could be worth the time.  Free.

Georgetown Mobile App – The Alumni portion of the app has it’s very own careers section which includes a job search tip of the week, alumni job postings, and a schedule of upcoming webinars. Make sure you select the “Alumni” homescreen at the bottom of the app to access. Free.

GoToWebinar – Our favorite thing about the gotowebinar app is that you can now view our award winning professional development webinars from your phone or tablet!  From the hilltop to your desktop… and now your phone… or tablet. Free.

Indeed – Simple and easy job search app. Search by job title, key words, company, and location.

GlassDoor – We like this easy to use app to search for jobs, salary information, or companies in geographic regions.  The app is sleek and intuitive.  Filter your searches easily, flag the jobs you are interested in and email job descriptions to yourself or friends. Free.

Studio – Studio is doing for graphic design what Instagram did for photography.  We use this for work but it’s also fun for home!  Import pictures, add text, graphics, and overlays, and you have a powerful image to convey your message.  Free.

Lumosity – Improve your memory, attention, and overall brain performance through scientific brain workouts.  A  good alternative to Candy Crush. Free.

Easilydo – If you have trouble keeping up with all of your emails and social media accounts this app may be for you.  Easilydo aggregates your email, contacts and social media account information to pull out the things that can make you more efficient. You can schedule happy birthday messages to friends on Facebook, congratulate colleagues on promotions through Linked In, in addition to tracking packages, get directions to your next meeting, add contacts to you address book automatically, have your boarding passes and travel documents handy, and more.

And we’re blogging!


We’re expanding our social media footprint and starting a blog… Wish us luck!

If you like our facebook page and follow us on twitter, hopefully you’ll love our blog.  We will use this platform to expand on our posts, giving you more information, resources, ideas, thoughts, and opinions… from alumni and from the Alumni Career Services staff.  We’ll discuss and reflect on books, articles, industry trends, and resources. Get to know us and the world of Alumni Career Services for Georgetown alumni.

Stay tuned!