The Wonder of Wunderlist

The Alumni Career Services team recently decided that we have too many to-do lists: some on nicely laid out agendas and printed out lists, some on post its, some in our email tasks, even some on the proverbial back of the napkin.  And the lists are all encompassing: immediate action items, things not to forget, ideas for the future, articles to read… I’m a big believer in process and we definitely needed a process.

A facebook friend mentioned that her husband’s company was using Wunderlist and she would get updates from him on household to-do’s and the latest need from the grocery store. Intrigued, I checked it out. And now I am obsessed.

Wunderlist allows you mange all of your post-its, napkins, papers, and e-lists in one place. It’s simple in its concept and interface but also has organizational capabilities that, let’s face it, post-its can’t provide.  Even better, it allows us to communicate as a team around tasks and action items, interesting things or people we come across, etc, so it becomes part of our shared and collective “brain.”

1.  Create multiple to-do lists for work or for home.  With the growth of technology, our work and home lives are continuing to merge. Why not have one system for both?  I’ve told the ACS staff specifically that they can use this tool to keep track of their grocery list, fitness goals, books to read – whatever is helpful to them personally in addition to professionally.

2. Create shared lists.  I share lists with each staff member so that we can communicate quick to-do’s or topics to discuss at our next meeting.

3. Assign tasks. Similar to creating shared lists, you can assign tasks to staff members.

4. Assign due dates. What’s a good to-do item without a due date associated with it?

5. Create sub-tasks. As with most if not all professionals, one to-do is actually about 10!  Keep track of each of the pieces of a project via sub-tasks associated with it.

6. Add notes. Remind yourself of context or special instructions that accompany a task.

7.  Email directly to your to-do list. This is probably my favorite feature. It saves things from dropping so far down my in my inbox that I forget to follow up. It also saves me from emailing little to-do’s to my staff – I just add to our shared Wunderlist.

8.  Access from anywhere.   Wunderlist syncs across your devices – phone, ipad, and computer.

9.  Filter  your lists.  Either view by category, starred, or today’s to do’s to help you prioritize your day!

There is a free version of Wunderlist in addition to a pro and “for business” subscription that have nominal annual fees associated with them and some enhanced capabilities.  Check it out:

Using Wunderlist already? Let us know what features you like best and how maximize the tool!



Things We Love… At Work


Say Thank You… Sometimes we forget the power of a simple thank you note.  They aren’t just for interviews or gifts either. Thank you notes can be powerful tools when networking.  If you’ve had a great conversation with someone, they have provided you with some sage advice, connected you with colleagues, or sent business your way, don’t forget about the power of a handwritten note.  We love these simple and classy personalized notes available online or print on PaperlessPost.

Triple C for J.Crew universal charger

Stay connected…  Don’t worry about your cell phone not being charged for that next conference call when you have this handy universal charger. We love this striped version from J Crew.

Put Pen to Paper…  We’re always in search for the perfect pen and we might have found it!  It can write 1.7 meters a day for 7 years. We’ll let you know if it runs out of ink any time soon!

“One thing you can’t recycle is wasted time.” – Anon  We all may use our e-calendars and smart phones to schedule or lives but there is something to be said for a classic calendar.  We love this oversize desk blotter calendar to keep track of events, birthdays, holidays, and our to-do lists.  Use your 7 year pen to jot down your important meetings and deadlines.

Spice up your brown bag lunch… This Ikat Cooler Lunch Bag is perfect for bringing your lunch to the office. The whole thing goes in your freezer and will keep your lunch cold through all of your morning meetings.  Plus, the patterns are on trend for fall!