Changing Things Up This Summer? Prep with a Webinar!

When I think of May, I think of change.  We’re all surrounded by graduations, weddings, job announcements, graduate school acceptance letters; positive steps forward!   For many, it’s also a time to do a personal “state of the union” on what’s going on in with their career.  With most companies in a slower season, summer is an ideal time to attend networking events, peruse jobs online, and ask colleagues or friends to do information interviews with you.  If you’re not trying to find new employment,  the summer can also provide a fantastic opportunity to talk to your manager about setting goals for the Fall, assess past projects and brainstorm new ones to tackle.

Whatever you seek to achieve over the summer (outside of a nice tan), our May webinars are an easy way to prep yourself for conversations ahead.

May Webinar Schedule

Ever wondered what it’s like to work with a coach?  This webinar offers you a chance to directly ask a Leadership Coach any burning questions you feel aren’t being answered by management or Human Resources.  Participants should feel free to open up about any situations going on in the workplace or job market, as they will have complete anonymity.
Coaching Unplugged: Open Mic Event with Valia Glytsis
Valia Glytsis (C’02), May 6

The art of storytelling never ceases to be essential to personal and organizational success.  To stay competitive, you must be knowledgeable on all forms of digital storytelling.  Husband & Wife team Ben and Tessa Moran will discuss using videos to effectively reach your audience, whether it’s clients or potential donors.
Video Storytelling for Nonprofits & Private Sector Missions
Tessa Moran (C’06) & Ben Crosbie (C’06), May 13

For the aspiring and recent attorneys, Regina DeMeo will paint a picture of the various paths one can take if pursuing a legal profession, and what the implications will be for each.
Rethinking Legal Careers in the 21st Century
Regina DeMeo (F’94), May 15

One of the hardest lessons to learn in the business world is how to best communicate with your internal peers and management team.  Communication is essential to getting done what you WANT to get done, so Leadership Consultant Katherine Holloway will teach us strategies for persuading and getting your point across in a workplace where the rules are shifting.
Communicating Prolifically as a Female Professional
Katherine Holloway (B’03), May 20

It’s never too late for change – we all deserve happiness in our career!  Hear a career coach’s tactics for figuring out WHAT you want from employment, and attracting the job you want once you figure the direction you are going in.
Career Transitions: Find Work You Love
Talane Miedaner (F’87, G’89), May 22

Though there’s not a huge Hoya population in the capital of Oregon, alums Derrick Olsen (a Portland expert)  and John Casey (a recent transplant) hope to convince you to move after they explain the social and professional benefits of living in Portland.
Beyond Brewpubs, Backyard Chickens, and Hipsters: Spotlight on Portland
Derrick Olsen (MSFS’92) and John Casey (C’96), May 27


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