April Webinar Curriculum


Happy Spring, Hoyas!  I’m sure you’re all sharing our feeling that 2014 is flying by, and there’s so much we want to accomplish before the summertime.  Whatever your career goals is – to find employment at a new company, get a promotion, go back to school – we are here to help!

ACS has already hosted three very insightful webinars this month, all of which were recorded and can be viewed on our YouTube Channel.   Since we know you’re all busy right now, we’ve  hopefully saved you some time by categorizing our webinar curriculum for the month.  Take a look at the categories below to see which ones you should sign up for or watch on the archive!

For the Recruiter, Career Counselor, or  Job Seeker (or anyone who doesn’t understand that Twitter & Facebook aren’t just for posting pictures of your social life):

Analog to Digital: Strategic Use of Social Media in Your Next Career Move, Jason Levin (MBA’06)

For the Entrepreneur (aka Hoyapreneur):

Start Up 101: Keys to Success & Avoiding Legal Mistakes that Can Kill Your Company, Dave Muchow (F’66, L’71)

What the Classroom Doesn’t Teach: How to Become a Great Entrepreneur, Marcus Howard (C’08)

For those of you who need to work on personal development:

Changing Habits, Talane Miedaner (F’87, G’89)

For the Manager, HR Professional or Attorney:

How to Develop a Best In Class Associate Training Program, Bill Kummerer (L’88)

For the Nonprofit Professional or Board Member:

How to Develop Initiatives that Drive Your Mission and Attract Investment, Amy Dawson (Former Staff)

For the Crisis Communications/Marketing/PR Executive (Basically, anyone in business should tune in to these sessions):

BET: The Remaking of a Brand, Eddie Hill (B’92)

Answering Tough Questions with Ease, Karlyn Lothery (B’95)


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