February Webinars – We’ve Got Something for Everyone this Month!

Career Change Coaching Kit Informational Session (2.4)

Last year the Georgetown University Alumni Association partnered with dedicated ACS volunteer Talane Miedaner (F’87, G’89) to bring a new resource to our portfolio.  In this webinar, Talane explains exactly what The Career Change Coaching Kit entails and who would benefit from purchasing it.  We spent almost half of the webinar answering participants questions about the kit, so visit the recording to gain some insight into whether this resource could be helpful to you in the future!

Commanding a Room: How to Execute an Effective Presentation (2.6)

Bryan Rutberg (C’84), Public Speaking Coach & Communications Expert at AG Consulting, offers participants engagement strategies for a variety of audiences as well tips on presentation content and aesthetics.  This session isn’t just useful for public speakers; it provides essential tips for anyone in the business world who attends meetings or creates powerpoint presentations – aka, everyone.  Since this webinar already occurred, visit our YouTube channel to hear Rutberg’s enthusiastic presentation.

Create & Sustain a Culture of Wellness (2.13)

We thought it would be useful to address the growing trend of wellness initiatives in the workplace.  I am thrilled that more and more management teams are placing a high importance on employee engagement, health, and work/life balance, so I hope anyone in a leadership or HR role will listen to this session.  We have Fiona Gathright (C’82) presenting for the very first time in Webinar Program, so I am excited to add her to the list of our talented speakers.  Fiona is the CEO of a company that partners with executives to craft a wellness program that fits their needs, so she is the ideal person to address this subject!

Register here – or if you aren’t in a position to lobby for a wellness program, perhaps you can forward the link to your HR department…

The Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act (2.18)

Since there’s been so much buzz about the Affordable Care Act and many do not seem to understand how it will affect their business or insurance, we are bringing in a Georgetown expert to provide us with an overview!  Dr. Carole Gresenz, a Professor of Health Systems Administration in the School of Nursing & Health Studies, will give us a rundown of why the reform happened and what it means for our future.

Register here.

Creating Successful Business Partnerships (2.25)

In our Entrepreneurship Series, we’ve covered a variety of things to consider when going down that risky path of starting your own business.  On this webinar attorney Peter Bloom (L’03), we’ll be focusing on the legal aspects of business partnerships and outline the characteristics of a quality partner.

Register here.

Proactive Growth Through Acquisiton (2.27)

For all our Hoyapreneurs or businesspeople who want to expand their company, John Dearing (MBA’96) will provide a holistic view of the acquisition process and provide tools for execution.

Register here.


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