ACS Greatest Hits: 10 Most Watched Webinars

Did you know Alumni Career Services’ YouTube channel has been viewed over 39,500 times?

As it is the signature program of ACS, I am thrilled to be the one whose job it is to identify topics and people of interest to showcase in our Webinar Program.  I learn so much from my conversations with our diverse and talented group of webinar presenters who not only offer us a 60 minute presentation, but allow us to record their content and place it on our YouTube channel.  This archive of past webinars was mainly created to combat the fact that about 60-70% of people who register for a webinar aren’t actually able to make it at the scheduled time.  We get it; people have demanding jobs and lives!  There are also plenty of alumni who have yet to discover the free advice that awaits them through the Webinar Program.  I love being able to tell “ACS Newbies” that they can access our past presentations and don’t  have to sit and wait to see what’s scheduled in the future.

While not every presenter is able to say yes to the archive (typically due to their line of work), I am surprised by the number of presenters eager to make their content available on a public website for an indefinite amount of time.  The program is a significant example I use when citing the enthusiasm Hoyas have toward contributing to the success and happiness of others in the GU community.

Currently our YouTube channel boasts 250 archived webinars, and my hope is that more and more alumni will bookmark the site, tune in during a lull in the work week (or while being furloughed…), and turn to the channel when they are searching for career advice.   To get you started, I’ve included the 10 videos that have received the most hits since the channel’s creation in 2012.   I would love to hear your reactions to which videos made the Top 10.


Presented by Jennifer Blanck, Assistant Dean of Career and Alumni Services at the Georgetown Public Policy Institute:

Presented by Igor Khayet (F’06), President and Founder of My Resume Shop:

Presented by Pat Mathews and Julie Shows, Program Directors in Georgetown University’s Leadership Coaching Certificate Program:

Presented by Talane Miedaner (F’87, G’89), Master Certified Coach, founder of & international bestselling author:

Presented by Jason Levin (MBA’06), Career Coach and Outplacement Consultant at Ready, Set, Launch:

Presented by Carole Sargent, Director of Georgetown University’s Office of Scholarly and Literary Publications:

Presented by Kevin O’Brien, S.J. (C’88), Vice President, Mission and Ministry

Presented by David Kaiser (B’90), Founder of Dark Matter Consulting:

Presented by Jason Levin (MBA’06), Career Coach and Outplacement Consultant at Ready, Set, Launch:

Presented by David Kaiser (B’90), Founder of Dark Matter Consulting:


One thought on “ACS Greatest Hits: 10 Most Watched Webinars

  1. Sarah,
    Thanks for your Top 10 list from among the 250 archived ACS webinars. 39,500 views is a very impressive number. As a member of the BOG Communications and Technology Committee, I can tell you that your ACS web platform may be the best communications platform that we have for pushing out to alumni and others the great resources that the GUAA has to offer. And you have shown your willingness to branch out into other areas to facilitate communication. For example, your platform is the one used by Kevin O’Brien, S.J. and Mission and Ministry to push out the spirituality videos. The entire ACS team has a “Yes I can!” attitude that makes you a pleasure to deal with! Keep up the outstanding work and I look forward to continuing to work with you!

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