Expand Your Twitterverse

Top 10 Twitter feeds to expand your career.

Forbes Woman
Homepage for the world’s business leaders.
For entrepreneurially minded women who mean business.

Fast Company
Fast Company
Inspiring leaders to think beyond traditional boundaries and create the future of business

Washington Post on Leadership
Leadership in the news.

Entrepreneur Magazine’s handle. Inspiring, informing, and celebrating entrepreneurs since 1973.

Lindsey Pollack
Millennial workplace expert and LinkedIn ambassador.

Anita Bruzzese
USA Today columnist and author.

Cali Williams Yost
Flexible workplace strategist.

Jacquelyn Smith
Writes about jobs, careers, and the workplace for Forbes.

John Keyser (GU Alum!)
Leadership coach… and GU Alum & webinar presenter.

Talane Miedaner (GU Alum!)
Life coach & executive coach… and GU Alum & webinar presenter.

And obviously don’t forget to follow Georgetown Alumni Career Services! @GeorgetownACS

What twitter feeds do you follow for your career?


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